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New Zealand’s 2017 act recognizing the Whanganui River as a legal person, the culmination of decades of Maori activism, could be described asAnimism taking a legal type. In addition, when Indigenous practices are labeled Animist religion, it is quick to overlook the very true biological and ecological scientific understanding of these communities. In all these situations, rituals establish relationships of obligation that tie humans to the land and the land to the humans who reside on it. Rather of human dominion over the landscape, in Animist cosmologies, humans live beneath the dominion of the landscape around them. In 1967, historian … Read more

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In Greek, Hades indicates “unseen,” and he wasn’t precisely known for being a fun guy. Griffin isn’t specifically unusual, and is the loved ones name in the animated Tv series “Family Guy.” It’s gained in popularity as a very first name given that the turn of the century. Dionysius is the name of the Greek god of the grape harvest, wine and winemaking, fertility, theatre, religious ecstasy, and ritual madness. He represents freedom as he encourages his followers to dance cost-free of self-conscious care and fear. It’s a name that comes with duty, which may perhaps encourage your kid later … Read more

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We may perhaps use words such as “anticipates,” “believes,” “expects,” “intends,” “will,” “must,” “may perhaps” and comparable expressions to determine forward-searching statements. Forward-searching statements are not guarantees of future functionality and must not be relied upon in producing any investment choice. While we cannot determine all such dangers and uncertainties, we urge you to study the dangers discussed in our Annual Report on Form ten-K and other materials that we publicly file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The first of these Labors of Hercules is to kill the lion of Nemea, a beast that cannot be harmed by weapons … Read more